Thursday, July 30, 2015

Travel challenges - Las Vegas!

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Have you ever wanted to go somewhere and do the thing yet did not have the means? Well this is your chance to do the thing through someone else across the internets!

At the start of August I will be fulfilling a lifelong dream to attend Defcon and to visit Area 51 and while I'm going alone because I have no friends having said that I have seen people who have before who have put up a call for challenges while they're travelling and I'm a fan.

I will be there until 11st August and actively attending the convention between 6th-9th, my current list which I have made by just trawling the tourist sites includes:
  • Poolside Blackjack
What's not to be a fan of, it's blackjack which is the only card game I know apart from 52 pick up and it involves what looks to be the best pool on the strip (How else do you think I picked a hotel?)
  • Penn and Teller show
I have seen these guys in Penn & Tellers Bullshit which for those who haven't seen it is about them debunking various things however I'd love to see them live as well, would be nothing better than shaking Penn's hand and saying 'and then there's THIS asshole!'.
This looks pretty awesome and I only just realized there are multiple places like this in Vegas, so looks like a couple of choices.
  • Drive to Area51
This is pretty much my highest priority, I'll be hiring a car and driving up to the famous Little A'Le'Inn near Area 51 then driving up to Tikaboo Peak to get a glimpse at Area 51, this in particular feels like a milestone as it's something I have wanted to do ever since I read all the crazy conspiracy theories online in the mid nineties.

After that I think I'll drive to the Black Mailbox and just see what flies out of the base, at the very least it's likely to be a clear sky under all the stars.

There is more but I have left this post too late as I leave Saturday morning and it'll have to wait, released so early just call me EA.


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