Monday, February 2, 2015

This Week I Learned (TWIL) - Week 1

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One of the (many) problems I have is remembering things, the most central point to this issue is when it comes to lessons learned, knowledge and general life progress. Since I have started making major life changes I have found that writing down things helps to reinforce them and as such this will be a weekly list of the highlights.

This is not going to necessarily be very exciting but many it'll prevent you from making the same mistakes.

Being stuck on a problem affects my happiness

I have been focusing on a particular project the last few weeks and it has consistently had me at a dead-end, in my overall list of priorities it sits at the top and while I expected it to drain my time I didn't expect it to affect other areas of my life.

I found that my happiness was being effected knowing that when I came home I faced another problem that a solution had evaded me on, it made me avoid all other work was I was burned out.

Once the problem was solved as I had hoped it set off a chain sequence of events meaning things were somewhat back on track, not sure how to handle this in future as I prefer to focus rather than switch priorities.

Another thing that has just really become obvious is that I work best when focused and that I always do find a solution in the end.

Being alone in crowds is something I can only do in small doses

I went to Schutzenfest this weekend and while I didn't really want to go I had people I wanted to catch up with, during the intermission between one person leaving and other friends arriving I found I had quickly had enough of the event.

Unfortunately I had a friend who asked me to loan him money so I sat around, completely out of place in a place full of people who I didn't know or care to know.

I have known this before but I suppose this is a good time to add some from the backlog so to speak, since this is an inherent personality trait I really need to assess what events I attend but also to remember I could meet cool people.

Being alone is required but not a permanent state

It's a universal truth for me that I can be around people for a certain limit of time before I need alone time, this varies person to person due to their personality with people who are more talkative and extroverted taking more energy.

That said I need people to talk to and that really doesn't happen that often, I have always had a hard time identifying with other people around me so I don't really see the value in their ongoing company.

Of course being alone for a prolonged period of time especially when it has been weeks or months it can be pretty torturous, I really think topic will be subject of it's own article suffice to say I think.

I have learned that while it really sucks I don't really have a plan to change things at this point however it can be managed by dumping more time into projects, it will have to wait for now.

Focus on my objectives

Weather it's AVCon or other endeavours throwing absolutely everything at a task I'm not fully invested in can seem like an inefficient use of time over a long period, while it's satisfying to see a job done to the best possible degree it should align with long term goals.

I have a tendency to put a lot of effort into what I do but frequently but if these things are not contributing to my goals in the long term focus should be diverted to areas that are.

This is one of the key items in a major re-focus of my life from external organisations to my own interests.

Note: Was meant for last week, technically late!


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