Saturday, July 26, 2014

It all starts with a post

7:08 AM Posted by Grant 1 comment
My name is Grant, most of you here think they know me...almost all of you are wrong. This is not your fault and it is why I hope to fix things between the moment I know I'm talking to an empty theatre but even if thats the case it's still better than not talking at all.

Starting a blog has been over 5 years and possibly more in the making, seriously the amount of times I thought about something I wanted to record but never had the motivation, time or some other excuse could fill a blog entry in it's own right.

Have you ever thought about something that has caught your interest so completely to the point of obsession but couldn't express it directly to someone or did but found it was not as lasting as meaningful as you hoped it would be? I'm one of those people and it drives me crazy not to have somewhere to document, learn generally be open about what I think.

What am I going to be blog about? Here are some things I will definitely be writing about in future in detail, that said it could be anything really.

  • The nature of reality
  • Proof of existence
  • Quantum Physics
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Metro Ethernet / VPLS access technologies
  • Emotional states
  • Workflow / processes
As much as I like to be open about all things I have learnt that there are boundaries, and as such I need to write down that I'm not going to discuss anything I'm told in confidence or that would compromise another person. That said on a case by case basis I might write about the subject in a way that anonymises the person/situation.

Now you know what's to come for the first time ever lets talk about me and take a snapshot of my life as it stands, maybe having this baseline will be a good idea going forward, who knows?

At present I'm 31, working full-time in a job that allows me to engage my insatiable desire to fix things that are broken and get exposed to technologies that are interesting above the boring xDSL ones, I'm single although not by choice, living a middle class lifestyle and slowly but surely trying to build good habits (Exercise, eating, organisation).

I have depression and social anxiety something I only found out more recently, have had trouble understanding emotions, relationships and until recently have been so completely oblivious to all of these things. There is a lot to talk about and while I'll get to it all in good time a short intermission to AVCon land for a retrospective.